Blogging Tips

Here some handy tips for all of you online writers and fellow book bloggers:

Grammar and spell check before you publish

Please use to grammar check your texts, and to spell check your blog posts before publishing. It’s such a drawback for readers to stumble over low-profile grammar, spelling mistakes, or misused punctuation over and over again.

Never stop improving your book reviewing skills

A book review should be concise, to the point, and preferably with a personal touch. With that in mind, I can recommend following three articles to improve your book reviewing skills even further: article 1 on, article 2 on, and article 3 on are all well-written and easy to “digest”.

Make sure you avoid plagiarism

There have been a few very useful posts on this topic recently. As far as I can judge the quality of these sites, I found one of the more reliable (free) websites to check for plagiarism. More info about plagiarism here.

Keep your grammar up-to-date

Sign up on to receive free English grammar updates. Their Facebook page is fun, and worth bookmarking as well!