Review: The Black Life

In Paul Johnston’s The Black Life, the protagonist Alex Mavros fights a far-right group. He is a missing persons specialist and has been employed by a rich jeweler Eliezer Samuel. His duty is to trace Samuel’s uncle Aaron who has reportedly been … [Continue reading]

Review: The Selected Stories of Frederick Busch

Frederick Busch (1941 – 2006) was the master of the literary form called short story. He has been gone for a while, but he still exerts profound influence on aspiring writers. And that is hardly surprising. His short stories were one of a kind. They … [Continue reading]

Review: Last to Rise

Last to Rise is the third novel in the Rojan Dizon trilogy. The city of Mahala is collapsing. The Storad have already besieged the gates and they will soon force their way inside. Mahala’s ruler, the Archdeacon Perak, has already lost the support … [Continue reading]

Review: No Place for a Dame

No Place for a Dame is the sequel to the bestselling novel All Through the Night. Avery is bold and beautiful. She wants to become a member of the Royal Astronomical Society. Unfortunately, the all-male society doesn’t accept women. So Avery … [Continue reading]

Review: Something More Than Night

Ian Tregillis' Something More Than Night is a murder mystery set in Thomas Aquinas’s vision of Heaven. It’s essentially a detective story starring cosmic as well as mundane elements such as fallen angels, the Voice of God, the heavenly choir, a … [Continue reading]

Review: City of Lost Dreams

City of Lost Dreams is the sequel to the City of Dark Magic. Set in the world of alchemy, science and magic, it is a romantic mystery from Meg Howrey and Christina Lynch. The two are collectively known by the pseudonym Flyte. Musicologist Sara … [Continue reading]

Review: The Lost Girls of Rome

Donato Carrisi’s The Lost Girls of Rome is a surrealistic literary thriller. It has an interesting plot. A young woman devastated by the death of her husband is seeking answers to his untimely device. She soon realizes that her investigation is … [Continue reading]

Review: The Land Across

The Land Across is a new fantasy that seamlessly blends mystery and supernatural. Grafton, the protagonist, is an American travel writer. He becomes fascinated by a remote Balkan country that has made itself nearly unreachable. No flights land … [Continue reading]

Review: Shantytown

In the developing world, slums can be found in nearly all major cities. Here, millions live in 100 square feet make shift shanties. They don’t have access to the bare minimum necessities and their only concern is earning their daily bread. Needless … [Continue reading]

Review: The Supreme Macaroni Company

Adriana Trigiani has returned with the last novel in her trilogy featuring the Italian- American shoemaker Valentine Roncalli. The Supreme Macaroni Company is as delectable as the other two novels in this series. While some scenes in the novel are … [Continue reading]