Review: Game by Anders de la Motte

gameIn Anders de la Motte’s Game siblings engage in a dangerous cellphone game without understanding that their act may have global ramifications.

Anders de la Motte is a former Swedish police officer. Game is the first book in his thriller trilogy.

Henrik Pettersson, better known as HP, is in his early 30s. He is a brilliant guy, but he is also quite lazy. He has a criminal record. He is on a train home when he notices that somebody has left a cellphone behind. He picks up the phone answers a message that challenged him to complete a simple task. This is how the game begins.

His sister Rebecca is a police officer. She has bailed him out quite a few times. However, until their paths cross during the game, she doesn’t understand how much trouble her brother is in. Once again she tries to help him despite knowing that it will cost her dearly.

The game that HP plays rewards acts of dangerous vandalism and violence with internet stardom. HP feels that he has finally found his groove. As he becomes more and more involved in the game he realizes that he is only a pawn in a larger scheme that may threaten international security. The safety of his older sister is also in danger. HP doesn’t know who the Game Master is or who the worker Ants are.

With this unpleasant victory, another dark secret shared between the two siblings also comes to light. Rebecca decides to face the ghosts of her past and HP decides to strike back against the Game Master.

The novel has a slow start but soon the tension builds up.

A great thriller that will leave you excited for the next books in the trilogy.

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