Review: Billionaire Blend by Cleo Coyle

billionaire blendA coffeehouse manager has received an opportunity to expand her business. She doesn’t want to pass it up because she is already short on cash.

A mysterious stranger has been troubling Clare Cosi’s baristas with numerous questions. She arranges a meeting with him, but just when she is about to talk to him, a car bomb almost kills them and seriously damages her coffee shop the Village Blend. Clare realizes that the inquisitive pest is billionaire tech-tycoon Eric Thorner. He offers Clare and her ex-husband an opportunity to create a special blend that only billionaires can afford. Eric gives them the money they will need to repair their shop. He also buys them a high-end espresso maker.

Neither Matt nor Clare’s current boyfriend Mike Quinn (he is a detective) is happy with the developments. Eric, after all, has a bad reputation with women so they suspect that he has more than coffee in mind.

Clare, too, has some reservations of her own; nonetheless, she decides to take the plunge because her business is short on cash.

Eric’s driver, who was killed in the blast, had been working undercover for the family of a murdered girl. They suspect that Eric is the man behind her mysterious death. But when the bomb squad talks to Eric he puts the whole blame on his business rival, an Australian billionaire.

Eric, Matt and Clare travel the whole world searching for that special coffee. Meanwhile in New York several people associated with Eric’s company die in mysterious circumstances.

Mike goes to Washington DC to work for a special task force and that forces Clare to fight a dangerous enemy on her own.

Cleo Coyle has authored several delectable coffeehouse mysteries. Billionaire Blend is one of her best.

Cleo Coyle is the pen name of Alice Alfonsi. She writes in collaboration with her husband Marc Cerasini. The couple has published 13 Coffeehouse Mystery novels.

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