Is freelance writing a lucrative way to make money online?

Yesterday I came across a blog post about making money online as a freelance writer:

Now, this is what I have to say about this particular topic:

Call it a goal, or a dream. Each day, aspiring writers sit down to a keyboard and start writing. While some may dictate a story, or chapter, into a recording device, most prefer to see their words in front of them. Men and women, of all ages and income levels, share this desire to put thoughts and ideas in to words. There’s a story to be told, short or long, true or fictional, serious or funny, or somewhere in between. It may be science fiction, romance, erotica, biographical, or autobiographical. The intended audience could be children, teens, young adults, adults, or a mixture. Some people do it as a “side project”, without thinking seriously about getting published. Others work diligently throughout the day and/or evening in order to produce something worthy of publication – something that will beckon potential readers and drawn them in.

And because the need to make a living in order to keep a roof over one’s head and food in the house is essential, in many of these cases, the hope of achieving financial success through writing and getting published is evident. Reality for many means not being able to quit a paying job in the hopes of becoming financially successful as a freelance writer. But the hope is still there to make a great living through writing and publishing one’s work. Are there, indeed, successful ways for writers to make a great living with freelancing?

The answer is “yes”, there are ways to be successful for the writer, especially now that the online form has taken dominance. There is no paper, no printing costs, no book binding costs.

But what are some of these successful methods used by freelance writers? First and foremost is making the time commitment. It is also vital to keep up with the times, to know what is trending and what type of content tends to be most popular. The market and formats are expanding more and more each year. Stay in touch and be in tune to it.

Second is a basic piece of advice – offer something well written. While this may seem obvious, there are plenty of articles and e-books that don’t move, because they are poorly written. Grammar and spelling errors are numerous. Have a good spell and grammar checker available and use it. Online thesaurus and dictionary help is readily accessible. There are some social media sites that have a concentration of writers who help one another.

You can read more about factors for success in freelance writing here.

It is very important that you believe in yourself and in your abilities. Writing is something that needs to be done with passion. If you don’t know what your passion is, figure it out. So, if you truly love writing and expressing yourself in such a way, you should do well. Freelance writing can thus be viewed as a hobby by some, and at the same time it becomes a sort of part-time job which you like to do, as it will be generating you some extra money somewhat easily.

It is a good idea to avoid being lenient about it. Even though, to a certain extent, you are going to be your own boss, you still need to be disciplined and responsible. Successful freelance writers have made it a point to set out a schedule, or a plan, that enables them to keep track of the time they spend researching a topic, and writing it. Reviewing and editing are other important exercises for a writer. It is a good idea to set out a timetable and to abide by it. In such a way you would be able to generate more articles or e-books. Having said that, it is also important and very helpful to have a spot where you work. Many freelance writers commented on the need to have a quiet environment. If you do not have a study room or an office, and if you have kids running around, you may be a bit at a disadvantage. But you still can work it out. Try to wake up earlier so as to benefit from a little quiet time. Many writers found it was a great idea to start off early.

Networking is important too. Find groups of authors online who have done this and found success. Often, those just starting out can benefit from those who have already taken the plunge. One can also network through a blog; this can also offer a chance to promote the material, and market it. Connect the blog with as many social media networks as possible. The more one is seen, the better the chance of having one’s name “known”, and one’s works read by others. Those who enjoy a blog are often open to purchasing the e-book promoted on the blog. Stay active on Twitter and Facebook. Be real, and build a community first. Once one has become familiar to others, successful marketing and promotion can begin.

Part of networking to assist with views of an article or e-book is joining websites that relate to one’s material. If writing about true crime, join some websites that deal with solving cold cases, or who have forums on active criminal cases (see here). Just about any subject that can be written about has many companion sites on the internet.

A digital format has unlimited lifespan, versus a physical book in a bookstore. The money may start slow, but can build and build, until a steady income is generated. Unlike the physical bookstore that must make room for new books every so often and thus either returning unsold books to the publisher or selling them at deep discounts, there are no time constraints on an e-book.

It’s a big market out there, wide open today and in the future for those who choose to try out freelancing. Overnight success is rare, but it can happen. Keep in mind, though, that often what appears to be overnight success is really the result of much time and effort. That, along with knowledge and information, networking and marketing, in addition to quality writing, can help you make money online.

Read about freelancing to learn the ins and outs. Find the newest information out there. Websites such as are indeed good sources of information about how to go about freelance writing.

All the best and good luck on your journey!

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